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(Online Consent Management Monitoring System)

PPCC Launches Online Consent Management Monitoring System(OCMMS) for consent to establish, operate & renewal of Industries from 01.08.2017

   Online -OCMMS

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Consent to Establish

Consent to Operate

Hazardous Waste Authorization

Checklist for obtaining Authorization/Registration under waste management Rules-2016

Categorization of Industries 
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Ban on plastics, Disposal Cups & Plates   

      Revised Fees
Revised Air & Water Consent Fees 
Revised Authorization Fees
Bio-Medical Waste
List of pending applications Commune wise   

        Environment Data 
       Air Quality Data 
NAMP -2016 Monthly Average 
Air quality index- 2015
Air Quality Data  2010-2014
Ambient air quality monitoring data - Puducherry region under national air quality monitoring programme-2015
Ambient air quality monitoring data - Puducherry region under national air quality monitoring programme-2014  
 Industrial Air Quality Data 
Residential Air Quality Data

    Water Quality Data

Water Quality  data in Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe, Yanam  during the year  -2016

Water Quality  data in Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe, Yanam  during the year  2011-2015

Primary water Quality criteria for surface water

Bureau of Indian standard drinking water  


Puducherry Pollution Control Committee (PPCC) has been functioning since 1.4.1992 in U.T. of Puducherry. It is a statutory body in the Department of Science, Technology & Environment. PPCC realized the importance of protecting the fragile ecosystem of the U.T. and enforcing the provisions of Rules and Acts pertaining to environment protection. Pondicherry consists of various ecosystems like marine, freshwater, mountain, crop, mangroves and duns ecosystems. Establishment of private medical colleges and rapid urbanization leads to generation of considerable quantity of bio medical wastes and municipal solid wastes. Managing these wastes are great challenges to this Administration. PPCC in collaboration with private entrepreneur and other stakeholders trying to find sustainable solution by establishing Common facility.

PPCC encourages industry to shift the conventional technology to Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in order to minimize the green house gases and mitigate on going climate changes. PPCC is not only adopting command and control policy but also provide consultancy, advocacy and disseminating of best practicing technology. It identifies and recognizes the industries who are adopting the green technology by awarding Green Award. Activities of Puducherry Pollution Control Committee (PPCC) are guided by the Ministry of Environment and Forests and Central Pollution Control Board and being shaped by the Southern State Region Conferences of Pollution Control Boards / Committees. Uniform consent procedure, Co-processing of plastic wastes and sharing of Treatment Storage and Disposal Facilities are few collaborative outcome of the Southern Region Conference which have been embedded in the activities of PPCC. PPCC is also acting as host organization for Environmental Information System (ENVIS), a of Environment and Forests sponsored project. PPCC organize various environment awareness program in collaboration h NGOs like conduct of World Environment Day, observation of Earth hour etc.

What's New 

Ozone Day-2017

PPCC Launches Online Consent Management Monitoring System(OCMMS) for consent to establish, operate & renewal of Industries from 01.08.2017

   Online -OCMMS          User Manual     Press Release 

Public Notice-Regarding Operationalising of Effluent Treatment Plant

Details of Hazardous Waste generated in the U.T of Puducherry

Standard operating procedure and checklist of minimal requisite facilities for utilization for hazardous waste under rule  (9) of the Hazardous and other wastes ( Management and Transboundry movement) Rules,2016

 Public Hearing held on 26.10.2016 at the Multipurpose Hall Pollagam, T.R.Pattinam, Karaikal for the establishment of the liquefied natural gas terminal at M/s,Karaikal Port Pvt. Ltd


   Circular / Office Order

Diwali Poster

Draft Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Plan and Risk Assessment for the development of bulk liquid berth for handling LNG at M/s. Karaikal Port Pvt Ltd.

    Executive Summary( English)

    Executive Summary( Tamil)


New Industrial Policy -2016


Technology for reducing the Presence of F.Coli to the level of 230 MPN/100 ml in the domestic Waste water-Reg.


PPCC-   Recruitment for the Post of Scientist-C,  Environmental Engineer in the Puducherry Pollution Control Committe (autonomous) on deputation basis


Recruitment for the Post of Assistant Environmental Engineer in the Puducherry Pollution Control Committe,Govt.of Puducherry 




Green Award Application 

Environment Award  2013-15 Application

  English       Tamil 

Consent issued status


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 Office Order-Ease of Doing                                     
PPCC Meetings
Acts and Rules
Publication of Reports
Appellate Authority 
 Public Hearing 
NGT -Orders 
Supreme Court Orders 
New Rules on Waste Management-2016
Bio-Medical waste
Solid Waste

Plastic Waste Management

Hazardous waste Management

Construction and Demolition Waste

 Download Forms-Waste Management
  Bio-Medical waste

  Solid Waste

  Plastic Waste

 Hazardous waste

 Construction & Demolition Waste


The Environment Protection Act '1986    

Noise Pollution Control Rules-2010

Batteries(Management and Handling) Rules, 2001

Batteries(Management and Handling) Rules, Amendment 2010

Standard operating procedure for utilization of hazardous waste under Rule 9 of the Hazardous and other Wastes(Management and Transboundry Movement) Rules,2016,utilization of Flue gas cleaning residue generated from steel Scrap Melting Induction Furnace, for Zinc extraction-Reg

                                   Last update : 04.09.2017 


List of  Authorized Plastic Recyclers 

Disposal of landfillable HW through authorized persons incineration/Co-Processing

List of TNPCB Authorized E-Waste Dismantlers, Recyclers

List of PPCC Authorized E-Waste


List of CPCB/MoEF Authorized 

 List of 17 category Industries

Guidelines of Environmental Management of Construction & Demolition Waste (March-2017)
"Guidelines of Environmental Management of Construction & Demolition Waste Management in India (Draft 2017"'-CPCB's Draft Guidelines
Modified directions to SPCBS/PCCc on Revised Classification of Industrial Sectors Under Red, Orange, Green and White Categories
Guidelines to be  followed for  Building & Construction projects for industrial shed and Educational Institution under EIA- Notification,2006
Guidelines for Recycling of Plastics
Guidelines for in-use Generator sets
Guidelines for Idol Immersion
Precautionary guidelines  for mobile users  

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