Release of Grant-in-aid to the PCS&T

Ø      Seed Capital

Ø      GIA for strengthening   

       Research project Funding Programme

       Release of Grant-in-Aid to the eligible project proposals during the financial year  2012-2013 sanction -Accorded

        GIA-RP-Brief note

         Expert Committee

         List of Projects


                Thrust areas

a. Environment

b. Popularization of Science

c. Basic / Applied Scientific Research

d. Technology Transfer

e.  Innovative Software Development

f.  Water Resources Management

g.  Information Technology  

Ø      Beneficiaries

Ø      Location specific aspect

Ø      Monitoring


                                                  Year wise list of Research Projects  


Sl. No.





No. of projects


Amount in lakhs






















































































































*  Projects nearing completion        **  on going projects  


                    Setting up of Rural Knowledge Centres (RKCs) in Puducherry:  

M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF), Chennai has Information Village Research project in Puducherry, established in 1998. This project was partly funded by the DSTE from 1999 till 2003 to the tune of 17.26 lakhs for establishing the Rural Knowledge Centers in Puducherry.   

Main purpose of establishing the RKC’s are to cater the local specific information (both dynamic and static in nature) needs of the people (all category people like farmers, non-farmers, landless agriculture laborers, unemployment youth both men and women, dalit, fishermen, socially economically underprivileged people and children to improve their socio-economical status by knowledge sharing showing them the way for their livelihood opportunities.   

For establishing a knowledge Center MSSRF has to incur nearly Rs. 5 lakhs per center by equipping the center with computer accessories and wireless connectivity by networking from Rural Knowledge Center –Hub to the Knowledge Centers located in 20 – 30 kms radius for data and voice transmission used for Knowledge sharing.  

The funds released by the DSTE were utilized by the MSSRF for installation of additional equipments viz. computers with accessories and wireless connectivity to the RKC’s in the Puducherry.


                            List of RKC’s established by the MSSRF in Puducherry   with the partial funding of DSTE  

Sl.  No



Amount released

(Rs. in lakhs)


No. &

Name of the Centres








Kizhur,  Embalam, Veerampattinam

Villianur & Pillaiyarkuppam



2000 – 2001




Thirukanchipet, Pooranankuppam

Nallavadu, Kalitheerthalkuppam, Ariyur



2001 – 2002




Nonankuppam, Nettapakkam, Periyakalapet







Koonichampet, Mangalam & sivaranthagam







Release of partial financial assistance for conduct of colloquia / seminars / conferences / workshops on S&T topics. During the 2007-08 Rs.2.00 lakhs was released for this purpose.  

                                                      Celebration of National Science Day  

The National Science Day is being celebrated all over the country on 28th February every year to commemorate the date of discovery of “Raman Effect” by Sir C.V.Raman, the Nobel laureate of our country. For this year, “Understanding Planet Earth” is the theme given by the Department of science & Technology, Government of India. National Science Day – 2008 was celebrated in befitting manner in the U.T. of Puducherry.  

                                                              Best Science Teacher Awards  

In order to encourage the efforts of inculcating the scientific attitude and knowledge in the young minds of the student community by the Science teachers of our Territory, “Best Science Teacher Awards” was presented to the 10 best science teachers. The award carry a cash prize of Rs. 5000/- and citation. Out of the 10 awards, 6 were bagged by the Puducherry region, 1 by Karaikal and 3 by Yanam region.  

                                                                    Young Scientist Awards  

Similarly to encourage the students of our Territory having potential knowledge in Science, “Young Scientist Awards” was presented to 10 students. The award carry a cash prize of Rs. 3000/- and citation. Out of the 10 awards, 5 were bagged by Puducherry region, 1 by Mahe and 4 by Yanam regions.    

                                                                  Best Science Student Awards  

Best Science Student Awards was presented to the toppers in Science subjects at the state level in the Secondary, Matriculation and Higher Secondary examinations held during the academic year 2006-07 The prize amounts are                  Rs. 3000/- ( Ist position), Rs. 2000/- (IInd position) and Rs. 1000/- (Consolation). The total cash awards amounts to Rs. 1,40,000/-. Out of the 78 Best Science Students Awards, 33 awards were bagged by the students of Puducherry region. 19 by the Karaikal, 9 by the Mahe and 17 by the Yanam regions.  

                                                                              Science Tours  

In order to inculcate scientific temper among students science tours are being organized every year. Science tours were conducted to Mysore and Chennai respectively during September 2007 and August 2008.  

                                                      Activities Envisaged during 2008-09:  

Ø      Release of Grant- in - aid to the research projects on identified S&T thrust areas.

Ø      Release of Grant-in-aid to the Puducherry Council for Science & Technology (PCS&T) for establishment of Planetarium, Science Park and Sky watching Centre in Puducherry and also to strengthen the Council for carrying on going / new activities. 

Ø      Release of partial financial assistance for conduct of International/National conferences / Seminars / workshops on S&T topics.

Ø      Celebration of important days of Scientific significance in the U.T. of Puducherry.

Ø      Presentation of Best Science Teacher Awards

Ø      Presentation of Young Scientists Awards.

Ø      Presentation of Best Science Student Awards.

Ø      Organising the Science Tours for the benefit of students.

Ø      Science popularization/education programmes for the benefit of students.

Ø      Construction of office building.  

                                                   Construction of Office Building:

This Department is presently functioning in the PHB building, Anna Nagar, Puducherry. An acre of land has purchased at Rs.80 lakhs from the funds of PPCC / PCS&T at Oulandai Keerapalayam near Railway gate. Construction of office building work by incorporating Green Building Concept has been entrusted to the PWD, Puducherry.  

Implementation of National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) in the Union Territory of Puducherry

The Department of Science, Technology & Environment has been designated as the Nodal Department for implementing the NAPCC. The first meeting was convened on 16.10.2008 by the Secretary (Envt.) with 15 line departments to furnish their views on the schemes to be implemented as contemplated under Eight National Mission of PM’s NAPCC. The views of the Departments on the implementation schedule of identified schemes were obtained. 

The second meeting was convened on 18.12.2008 with all line Departments to discuss and finalise the draft Action Plan, on NAPCC (UTP) by incorporating Budget Estimates with break-up details of head-wise expenditure, initially for a period of three years from 2009-2012 and spanning towards the year ending 2017 of XII Five Year Plan. Minutes of the meeting were communicated to all line Departments on 30.12.2008 for information and compliance. 

Next meeting will be held in the shortly to finalise the Department-wise budget requirements for finalising the draft Action Plan on NAPCC (UTP). The draft Action Plan will be submitted to the Government of Puducherry for prior approval. As soon as the approval is accorded by the U.T. of Puducherry Administration, draft action plan on NAPCC pertaining to Puducherry will be forwarded to the Central Nodal Ministry for due consideration and approval.

            Floating of Departmental Tableaux during the Republic Day parade – 2009  

The Departmental Tableaux was participated in the Republic parade. The  UNO has proclaimed the year 2009 as International Year of Astronomy. Accordingly, “propagation of India’s milestone achievement in space the “Chandrayaan –I (2008) & anticipated Chandrayaan – II (2015) was adopted as the theme of the Tableaux. 

                     11TH FYP- INITIATIVES   

Ø       Establishment of Planetarium, Science Park and Sky Watching Centre Under the aegis of PCS&T

Ø      Annual Science Fairs

Ø      Science Clubs

Ø      Annual Science Teacher Conferences

Ø      Purchase of Mobile Science Exhibition Bus(MSEB) for Karaikal Region.  


                      Recognizing the importance of environmental conservation /Protection of this Union Territory, this scheme is being implemented. All the functions and powers hitherto exercised by Central Pollution  Control Board have been delegated to this Administration and activities like scrutiny of Industrial applications, Monitoring and evaluation of their performances under Air, Water and Environment (Protection) Acts and issue of consents are done by the department of Science, Technology and Environment. Ambient Air quality and Aquatic Resources of Puducherry are also being monitored under the two projects viz. National Air Quality Monitoring Programme (NAMP) and National Water Monitoring Programme (NWMP) under the auspices of Central Pollution Control Board.  Celebration of World Environment Day, National Environment Month, World Ozone Day, and World Conservation Day with the co-ordination of Environmental Education Cell, Dte. of School Education, Puducherry.  

                    ANALYTICAL LABORATORY    

            Grade ‘B’ analytical laboratory is functioning in the Department since 1992. The successful implementation of the environmental protection programme is essential to identify and quantify the pollution sources, conduct baseline surveys, lay down standards and build up monitoring systems to keep a competent laboratory (in terms of instruments, equipments, expertise (personnel) capabilities etc.). The Departmental laboratory was highly appreciated by the Central Pollution Control Board, GOI during January 1997 for the analytical quality control exercise carried (1992 – 1995).  

            Under the Environmental Acts, the industries discharging effluent are required to submit an analysis report of its effluent(s) along with the consent application. In some cases, it is required to submit analysis report at certain interval for consent management. The said analysis report serves the basis for granting the consent or for implementation of consent and hence the authenticity of these reports becomes an important feature.  

            Since April 1992 to September 2008 the following number of monitorings / analysis were carried out by this laboratory:  

Sl. No.

Type of Monitoring / analysis

Total Numbers


Ambient Air Quality









Surface / Coastal / Borewell water



Vehicular Exhaust



Noise Survey



Analytical Quality Control Exercise






      Every year the revenue generated by the laboratory from various monitorings and analysis is

     about  Rs.6.00 lakhs.   

           Activities Envisaged during 2008-09:  

Ø      Scrutiny of industrial applications, monitoring and evaluation of their performances under the air, water and environment (Protection) and air and water quality monitoring. 

Ø      Celebration of World Environment Day, World Ozone Day, National Environment Month and conducting of various awareness activities among public and students.  

Ø      The existing laboratory is being strengthened with highly sophisticated equipments / instruments in order to have a better result in analyzing the samples collected.   

Ø      Administrative Grant to Puducherry Pollution Control Committee, Puducherry.  

Ø      Purchase of chemicals to strengthen the laboratory on priority basis.  

Ø      The existing laboratory at Karaikal regional office is being strengthened.  

Ø      Hoardings – Depicting slogans / message on environment at various location in and around Puducherry region. 

Ø      Strengthening of  Puducherry Pollution Control Committee  

Ø      Purchase of Vehicles for monitoring and inspection 

Ø      Green award to industry for excellence in environmental maintenance 

Ø      Release of grant in aid to Research in specific Environmental issues. 

Ø      Setting up of Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF) for hazardous wastes.


      Assessing the environmental impact of developmental projects (new / existing)  

The Department is implementing the provisions of the EIA Notification, 1994 (as amended in 2006). The State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) and State Environment Appraisal Committee (SEAC) were notified. The Department has designated as the Nodal Secretariat for the SEIAA and SEAC.  

    Propagation of environmental protection: 

The Department is organizing environmental awareness programmes during the observance of important national days of environmental and scientific significance in coordination with the Education Department. In order to inculcate environmental awareness among students, 550 National Green Crops (Eco Clubs) were established in the schools as detailed below under the MoE&F, GOI programme:

            Puducherry     -           409

            Karaikal          -           100

            Mahe              -             15

            Yanam            -             26  

The State Training Centre, Education Department, Puducherry is monitoring this programme. Apart from this, the Department is funding Environmental NGO’s to conduct such programmes.  

In order to encourage the individual / NGO’s / institute working for the cause of Puducherry environment this Department is presenting Environment Award to the selected awardee once in three years. The award carries a cash prize of Rs.25,000/-. During the year 2007, the award was presented to Sembadugai Naneeragam, Puducherry an Environment NGO.  

Green and Clean Puducherry campaign 2008-09 programmes: 

      Programmes / activities so far organized:  

In co-ordination with the LAD and Agriculture Department ,a mass environmental awareness Student rally was organized on 26.001.2009 at 4.00 P.M near Gandhi Thidal, Goubert Avenue, Puducherry. The rally was flag off by the Hon’ble Chief Minister in the presence of Hon’ble Home Minister and M.L.A and other invitees. Caps depicting an environmental slogan were distributed to rally participants. As a curtain raiser to the Campaign “Anti Plastics awareness programme” was also organised at the same  venue .     

    Programmes / activities proposed to be organized:  

1. Release of Hon’ble Chief Minister’s appeal to the Citizens of Puducherry to the Print & Visual Media  (In English & Vernacular languages) during the observance of National Science Day(NSD) on 28-02.09 by the Department regarding adopting of certain practices to keep our Territory Green & Clean.  

2. During the NSD public function,  a Visual Play on “ Application of S&T to fight Environmental Degradation” will be organized in co-ordination with  Jawahar Bala Bahvan, Puducherry   

3. Environmental Pledge will be taken by the participants of the above function. 

4. Release of Updated version of the CD on “ Green & Clean Puducherry” by the Chief Guest of the function. 

5. Release of Environmental awareness posters designed as per the pattern of Department of Environment, NCT Capital of Delhi  by the Chief Guest.

          NEW INITIATIVES:   

Ø       Up gradation of Laboratory from grade ‘C’ to ‘B’  

Ø      Environment Patrol vehicle (with Flying Squad) for attending complaints viz. waste disposal, vehicle emission, noise, water and air pollution,   

Ø      Office Automation  

Ø      Strengthening of Regional Office, Karaikal including laboratory. 

Ø      Subsidy for conversion to Auto Gas  

Ø      Electronic hoardings to create environmental awareness. 

Ø      Setting up of Environment Training Centre. 

Ø      Mapping of Coastal zone.