Current Environment & Science News

  Simple cheap way to ward of drinking water scarcity

Ministry opposes duty on imported solar panels

El Nino  likely to cast a cloud over New Sarkar

Plantain Leaf can preserve for one year without damage

 Issues of Antibiotic resistance

UK N-plant has high radioactivity

Loss of large predators damaging ecosystems

Now distance to galaxies mapped to 1% accuracy

State Govt to promote rooftop kitchen garden

India's first monorail to run from sunday

Robotic floats to find what makes Indian Ocean tick

The solar system's dynamic start

Antioxidant supplements can worsen lung cancer

The megatones to megawatts Programme

A battle half won at Oussudu Sanctuary

Restoring the magical warms of mangroves

Policing Goes Green in Nagai

Engineer develops micro hybrid power plant


  Stanley medicos have green hands

Soon sattelites,that can be put to other uses later

Climate talks end, new fund set up for afforestation

Natural gas pipeline to help industries in western TN

American energy firm fined $1 Million for birds deaths

  Rao unhappy with lack of adequate funding for science

Late in the Our Toilet plan ,Officers search the place in pedestrian

He's no Sachin ,but He legints mind

Now Garbage cans that ask you to pick up trash

Amur falcons,sattellite tagged in Nagaland ,tracked over Arabian sea
  Nilgiris should be declared eco sensitive ,says NGO

Indian Scientist explains the origin of life

Electric Powered air craft may take wing soon

Big Power projects may be handed a Green Thumb

Warning to make world poorer

Now, Coloured silk fibre sans dying

   Warming led to dwarfism in mammals

 India is not a nay - sayer on climate change

Ancient Antarctica had forest cover?

Window to limit Global Warming Shrinking : UN

2bn Earth-like planets dot our Milky way: NAS

There may be other Planets Like Mother Eart

Coal tar units sans clearance to the shut down: Green panel

Science Endorses regular routine for well-being



Mars Mission: Charting a Course



Ocean centre creates sea cages to breed fish



Holy smoke melts Himalayan Glaciers



Divided  over the mars Mission



Pondy can be perfect for SSIs'



Exploring the Martian Methane Puzzle



New threat: Taliban making Toxic bombs



DRDO to roll out under water vehicles



Madras University to start five new departments ,stem cell research centre



BARC Expertise for waste disposal


  DRDO to export soon sonars to Myanmar


Over 100 satellites needed to monitor Indian Ocean :DRDO

At road side of Pondicherry- Tindivanam sixteen thousand, tree saplings planted

Quadricycle RIDE

Auditing firm RSM  forays into energy services biz

Slums of  Despair or  New Cities of Hope



This portable Device can chill a drink in 30 seconds

We sleep clean our brains, says study

WII(Wildlife Institute of India) study stresses on need for scientific census on dugongs

Bacteria eating virus to repalce antibiotics?

Meet the men bound for Mars

Mars is part of India's space vision

Tsunami warning system in south China

Iceman may be History, But His legacy lives on  


37% of Western Ghats will come under Environment protection


Both science and religion have a place under the sun

Living near airport bad to heart

Light at End of tunnel for scientists Studying NDEs  

India's Ecosystem is Pro-Big, Anti Small

India ranking in the hunger

Hyper loop Concept  Unveiled Grey hairs find green shoots in young business

Government publicity website still stuck in 2012

Green Drive

Grey hairs find green shoots in young business

First proof of comet hitting earth found

Earth to boost speed of Probe on way to jupiter

Delhi's five star hotels commit to go green

Buoys 400km away helped track phailin

 A carrier of Billion Hopes

NGT directs secy - level meeting on oil leak  

New Mars mission tests begin in chile

Now , People can Name New planets  

Village leaves behind dark era with solar power

Interest in One way Trip to Mars Defies Logic

Nasa’s star planet hunter retires hurt Marine University-


  Scientists 'Blind light' to create a new state  of matter resembling Lightsabers

  NGT seeks Central Govt's response to illegal sand mining IAF land

  Plants racing towards 2 degree Celsius Temperature rise

  Bio-Mass plants across T shut shop

  1 of 5 sewage treatment plants non-operational

  Mansoon trending 39% of Country Gets excess Rains

  More signs of water on Mars found

  N- waste to power US for 800 years?

  Balochistan earthquake toll crosses 300

  Indian to help build world's fastest car

  Smallest-ever autopilot created

  Handling of E-Waste big challenges

  Stand -up night at cern as scientists test the comedy

  INSPIRE Scholarship

  Earth became habitable much earlier than thought

  Grand Challenges
  Glacier melt won't impact Ganga levels

  Green Youth brigade brings in new initiatives

  Tata Power ltd-Plan deep to Production of electricity from solar and wind 

  Indian Cos to guide Widest Eye on space

  Jayanthi pitches for independent view on GMOs supreme court